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‘Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them become what they are capable of becoming.’ Goethe

We are passionate about helping to change learning. Although some people are keen to adopt new ideas on the journey to education 3.0 it is not easy to make the first steps, but we can help.

Having made the journey successfully ourselves as teachers, trainers and education managers, we can help with the things that are essential to succeed; good content, teacher skills, technology integration and management support. We have a new philosophy for learning and teaching in the twenty-first century resulting from our own pioneering experiences.



We are system agnostic, we know that online learning is not about the technology but about how it facilitates learning. Online learning is part of a twenty-first-century learning environment, not a separate tool that people feel they need but which nobody uses.

There are more than 700 learning management systems available most of them built by software designers. Being teachers and trainers our perspective is different and we choose a technology which is best of breed and fit for the particular task. We can select from many different options or, tailor make our own, but always we are choosing the best option for the client. Not always is the large, shiny toy the best. We always favour the simplest and most elegant way of supporting learning and teaching.

E-Learning System

Good content


There is now a vast amount of teaching and learning content on the Internet, much is free and much is of dubious quality. In today’s education 3.0 learning environments content should be available in a format that a learner likes which can be easily created, tracked and, if necessary, assessed within a learning environment.

Not only do we know how to create good online content for learning but we can show you and your teachers how to do this too. We can set up content generation software which will convert, or allow you to create, modern learning content which meets all the standards of the curriculum you are teaching to. The benefit of this is that you are creating a learning environment which is not constrained to your physical lessons but available to all at any time which your learners want.

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