Our mission...

‘To challenge established paradigms, where they cause unfair advantage, by providing accessible learning environments and by creating learning cultures that give individuals, regardless of social demographics or ability, the freedom to achieve and to take responsibility for their own learning’


Learning environments

Accessible, secure, collaborative and engaging places to learn

Engaging content

How to create stimulating content for todays multi-media digital natives


New concepts in providing the skills to solve tomorrows problem

Social change

The freedom to learn and to take personal responsibility for a better future

The story so far


People Communicate was founded in 2011 by Chris Heron, a former teacher with a hybrid teaching and commercial background. With a passion for e-learning and a firm belief in the need for educational reform, a successful learning management system was created.

This never seemed quite enough and the struggle continued in not just how to create stimulating content but how online learning could be used to better equip students for todays, and tomorrows, job market.

A fortuitous introduction to a social development in Dordrecht revealed a hugely successful physical environment addressing some all too common social problems through education, housing, employment and social empowerment.

With a shared vision, and the skills and tools to develop a truly holistic and integrated online and physical education environment, we are now on the brink of a new era.

From an e-learning company to an education consultancy, People Communicate has a vision to support the transition of education into a 21 Century model that integrates physical and online activities seamlessly and motivates learners by focusing on their unique abilities and goals.


The future


People Communicate is now a fast-expanding, enthusiastic team of talented creative thinkers and innovative experts in the field of learning, education, technology, training and social change.

They all share a common belief that learning is the to key to social improvement and that People Communicate will play a major role in a more advanced education system already proven in Holland and now being developed further by its’ founder, Max Hoefeijzers.

The result is a highly talented core team of Max Hoefeijzers, Steve Cushing, Emma-Sue Prince and Chris Heron, who have created a new breed of education theory combining cognitive theory, value systems and socio-economic principles which can be delivered in a physical and online environment.

We are developing several initiatives to deliver these new concepts in conjunction with well-known partners in education, government and industry.

More than e-learning, more than a new learning model, the new concepts can be used alongside existing curriculum or training systems and are a fresh way of addressing today’s problems with new solutions that will enlighten, encourage and empower individuals to adopt a life-long culture of learning.

The effects will benefit individuals and industry and, we believe, will have a beneficial effect throughout all levels of society.

Sir Ken Robinson summed up the need for educational reform brilliantly in a talk delivered at the RSA –

Sugata Mitra seems to have proved that schools are obsolete. But even if they are not, they are not always available to the people who need them most in poor rural areas. Watch this fascinating and inspiring video

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