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Enriched Learning  e learning on a budget

A small e learning initiative with a big future


Enriched learning is a start up NGO based in Mumbai. They are trying to help school leavers to prepare for the job market by improving their skills in language and soft skills. They will use a hybrid learning system with materials online and study online but with a classroom base using local teachers.

We are building their website, helping with creating content and course materials and advising on their business model, with a bit of business mentoring thrown in.

The outcome will be a low-cost e learning integration enabling them to build their own SCORM compliant content, track progress and have video lessons which are recorded for later use. The system will be built for almost no cost with the main budget commitment being on content and teaching. Despite being light and agile it will have all the features needed to run a complete blended learning solution. We are very proud of this solution!

This is what Mark Hanson, CEO Enriched Learning said

“I am working with Chris Heron to bring about a lifelong dream — helping underprivileged youth in India have ready access to affordable learning in the subjects of core soft skills which directly impact their workplace success and acquiring better-paying jobs.

Chris has astonished me with his breadth of knowledge about education and the fundamentals of learning, the English language, and critically for our new venture, the essentials of e-learning. Without which, we would not have been able to achieve our start-up objectives without considerable trial and error, having a devastating impact on our limited budget.

 His years of experience in this field has fine-tuned our goals, and his knowledge has enabled us to find the best systems for our needs, budget and future growth. I depend on his frank advice and consultation, and look forward to working together as our venture grows in success and scale.”

The project is ongoing……


Vocational learning to solve unemployment in a region of France


Solving the Skills Gap Problem


In a few weeks time, we are meeting a very high-level delegation from one of the french regions at a workshop we have arranged in Holland. They are looking for a solution to youth unemployment in their region and we hope to show them an example of how this problem has been successfully handled and how the model can be adapted for their objectives. We will also be addressing the business model with innovative finance schemes for short and long term property investment to fund the education costs. we will also be showing them how the vocational model can be extended online through an information system linking the courses to teachers, individual learners and local employers and informal learning content.

The day has been organised for a delegation of 15 people, with a tour, to see the campus in action including meeting the founder, key current management, staff and students. Later, there will be a workshop and seminar on the adaptation of the model for the french region in question.

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