‘What does it mean to ‘Hack’ education.’


This a great post by Robert Morris relating to the education revolution, as I have described it, called ‘What does it mean to ‘Hack’ education.’

He has formed a group called Free School Hackers, and he explains that you have to get past the negative connotations of the word ‘Hack.’

His group is typical of what Steve Jobs and Apple called the ‘the crazy ones’ that I am happy to belong to, ‘those who are brave enough to try to change the world’ Steve Jobs.

If you haven’t seen that video you should watch it right now, it will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up! Here is a link, Steve Jobs internal meeting Apple 1997.

Education Revolution


I keep writing about this, and I intend to continue.

There is an education revolution starting, but it will be small groups of original thinkers like Robert who will drive it, not Bill Gates, or others.

He is on to something here as, are many others.

Robert says

‘The nonsharing, closed shop mentality is not one we share and is philosophically concerning, a mentality that sparks mistrust. So, by definition, companies, educators for profit with closed shop mentalities, are not educators, they`re charlatans in our mind.’

Strong words and thought provoking.

On the definition of education, he says

‘So, as you can see we are curious. Robert says that Free School Hackers, ‘are curious about pedagogy, and the question of ‘how we learn.’ We consider learning as a state, a philosophy of thought, and we distance our minds from the notion of certificates or diplomas, as they are a diversion, from what we are really trying to do. We believe education is an attitude, and we work to create curiosity, and inquisitive minds that can solve big problems, after all, education never ends, it`s a daily thing.’

Of course, there are many initiatives and views and many different approaches.

I would like to produce a forum and social network website to pull these ideas together and share them more creatively, combined with local groups on the ground to promote discussion.

I already have a group forming in Holland, is anyone else interested in forming a group for this purpose?

The full article can be seen here Hack Education






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