Here are some of the comments I have received on the subject of Education Reform a subject I am passionate about.

It also seems that many others are as well.

Please keep the comments and encouragement coming!

Michael B. D

‘Great article Chris Heron, hope all is well?’

Phil P

‘Fascinating and profound ideas and conclusions here Chris. Very thought provoking. It’s significant that recently on Twitter numerous teachers have argued against Prensky’s research, rather proving your point! Many thanks!’

Yet another excellent article Chris, you’re right that ‘flipped classrooms’ are our best way to engage digital learners and prepare them for future employment. Thanks Chris

Another interesting article Chris. Whilst I agree that teachers need to change, they won’t do until politicians stop interfering in education to make it accountable because this factor is what stops us from achieving the goals you outline here. Our politicians need to understand the common sense you outline here.

 Rocsana R

‘Very realistic outlook on education.’

Michelle H

‘Inspiring end to the article, Chris: “The adoption of learning as a personal goal for each person replacing material goals could see a new renaissance in which civilisation could move forward to a new golden age.’

Chris Heron

Thanks, Michelle, I am flattered by your comment. I believe this will be the case and I think I know how to do it! I just waiting for one final piece of the jigsaw before I start. Follow my progess. You can be involved too!

Garry T

‘Good stuff Chris.’


‘It is an excellent article on education.’


‘Teachers need to change, but so do management. I am afraid that a large number of them have been promoted above their level of competence and are swilling around at the top, moving from one college to another, leaving a trail of destruction and me sett behind them and being accountable to no one. This has to change for the sake of teaching, teachers and the learners. Let’s shake things up and really make an improvement! Let’s have ‘brilliant’ and ‘outstanding’ managers who support teachers and provide them with the tools to give the learners an outstanding ‘learner journey’ delivered by keen and motivated teachers with the maintained tools to do their jobs!!’


Chris – a great read – looking forward to more. We do need to change for the better.

Thanks, everyone.



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