English Teaching Online


Why I decided to do this


I decided to start a local English online teaching website because so many people suggested that I should.


The demand in France is large from French business people, parents who would like their children to learn better English than is taught in schools and those who are sending their children to school in England.


Most lessons are only available physically so I wanted to help teachers, local and international to be able to teaching online because it is safer, more convenient and easier!

Why is it better?


The advantage of online teaching is it less time consuming and more convenient. With the technology available you can meet a teacher face to face online and a personalised course can be created for you, materials shared on the screen, or homework can be set.


Neither the teacher or the student need to travel and the cost and inconvenience is therefore saved for everyone.


It really is exactly like being with the teacher but the lesson can be recorded for revision afterwards.


This method saves time and money for everyone and I can link the appropriate teachers from anywhere with students anywhere.


So I believe that it is actually better and it is also cool!


How does it work?



We do not use Skype, we have a high-quality video conferencing tool which is secure and can record lessons for review later, by student, teacher or parent!


This is connected to an online platform which stores about 60 English language publications which the teacher can choose as a whole course, or which can be chopped and recreated to produce a personalised course for the student.


Each student and teacher have their own private area with a calender to book lessons and an internal email system to communicate.


Before the lesson the teacher chooses content from the library or creates their own. When the lesson is finished more content for revision without the teacher can be made available to the student and the lesson can be reviewed by the student or their parents.


The system is secure and easy to use with just one click to reach the video teaching room and one secure username and password for the learning materials.


Don’t you think this is a better way to learn?




Who are the teachers?



All our teachers are experienced, have a language teaching and, or teaching qualification. They are native English speakers, kind, sympathetic, fun and very good! They will always get results! By using our company you are also guaranteeing that your teacher is receiving a fair fee for their work.


What to do next?


If you think you would like to try, why not have a little test lesson. If you send us an email we will show you how the system works, assess your needs and book a micro lesson for you to see if you like it!


What courses can I do?


Because all the courses are personalised to the student we agree what you want to do.


It could be to improve your English for business reasons, or just to learn social English. We could help to prepare your son, or daughter for their entry into the English school, or University system. You might be English and realising that your children are forgetting their English in favour of French, or another language!


Whatever you want we can help.


We also teach English curriculum subjects


Apart from English, we have tutors who can teach any English school subject or help to prepare your child for an exam or entry into the English school system.



We can find a suitable teacher for any subject or level, just ask us.



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