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Imagine you are the new Minister for Education The RSA

Imagine you are the new Minister for Education, so saysThe RSA in their new report on education reform.

I should declare a vested interest here as I am a Fellow The RSA and I fully support their mission.

In this paper they throw their ‘hat into the ring’ of education reform.

They set out a programme to create innovative teacher leaders to lead education reform from inside the system.

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‘Another brick in the wall’

Wouldn’t this be an easier way to educate people?

You may think it’s impossible, but I would say to you that with even current technology, let alone what will happen shortly, we could do this now.

It is easy to imagine how core subjects could be related to personal learning styles and subjects, and more importantly, goals.

Assessments could be in many different formats from models to tools, video presentations written pieces or even the effect that the piece of work has on other people.

If we can put a man on the moon surely, it’s not difficult to do this?

I’m going to write to him and send him the lyrics of the song and see if he thinks that it sums up the situation; I do.

‘All in all you’re just another brick in the wall’.

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Lessons from Finland kill 99% of GERMS

‘Lessons from Finland kill 99% of GERMS’, what a brilliant headline to this piece by Pasi Sahlberg a Finnish education innovator and commentator.

What he is referring to in GERMS is the acronym for The Global Education Reform Movement.

In a brutal but fair summary of the changes and policies, other countries have adopted he surmises they would have all been better off using the Finnish system and avoiding GERMS. But here I think we need to differentiate between government and centralised change and the external ideas and concepts.

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Our concepts mirrored by industry : Cisco – LearningSociety_WhitePaper – attributed to Cisco

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