Chris Heron

Chris is a passionate educational reformer and teacher of 14 years. 13 years ago he decided that he wanted to become involved in e learning and to understand learning better he decided he would have to have first-hand experience of teaching. Now he is bringing these skills to his team and his clients. As well as understanding education, he has a sound knowledge of education technology, online teaching and learning, course construction and was formerly a business and economics lecturer in Cambridge, UK.

Max Hoefeijzers

Max, founded a ground breaking vocational education college, called Leerpark, 7 years ago in The Netherlands. He created it from a failing organisation which he rebuilt raising 200 million euros. He has changed the way vocational education works in Holland, by including local business in the learning process and is now consulting to the Dutch government to implement his ideas through all levels of education in The Netherlands.

Wilhelm Froon

Wilhelm J Froon at the age of 6 years, wanted to create a process of transferring know-how from seniors to juniors but had to wait till retirement to get involved. He was completely self-taught when he went alone to the US in 1978 to discover the western world. He had to write a 12-week training program for 600 sales people he was managing at the age of 28 years in his first post. Then as CEO of INTERVAL INTERNATIONAL from 1988-2002 he managed global development in 65 countries with more than 1,600 employees. He is now a partner of People Communicate Ltd bringing his general management experience and passion for learning and social development.

Steve Cushing

Steve is an addicted lifelong learner, author, teacher, and education consultant. With over 800 education books published, Steve has been involved in writing curriculum, assessment programs and educational TV programs around the world and has more recently been designing and developing cross-platform educational Apps and assessment materials. He is also an acknowledged expert in test psychometrics and test validity, currently working as a consultant to regulatory authorities and formerly a Chief Examiner and Chair of Examiners.  He has worked on large-scale projects on assessment, skills development, and curriculum development in the UK, USA, Malaysia, Chile, Bermuda, Romania and Gibraltar.

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