Why online?

What are the benefits?


Online learning is not a separate tool it should be integrated with any learning process, increasingly is. There are more than 4 million students in the USA alone who are only learning online and more than 4 billion people are ‘connected’ and more than 75% of education content is now online in some way, much of it free.

Anybody under 40 will actually expect to be able to access content online for any purpose, whether it is an instruction manual for a vacuum cleaner, a recipe or a piece of learning

So your student will like online content and learning because it is always there and they can access it as and when they want.

It does not mean they learn alone or that teacher is not important, it is simply a way of sharing information easily and effectively. It does not replace the classroom it augments it.

It is secure, cheap, convenient and enhances the materials you are delivering.

  • For the student instant assessment and communication with the teacher speeds up progress and increases motivation.
  • For the creative a teacher multimedia becomes a reality making your materials more topical and interesting.
  • For course administrators, they can track student progress and communicate easily and securely.
  • For an organisation, there are cost savings, information for calculating ROI and controlling quality.

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