Changing the way we look at education


Helping education


  • Create a twenty-first century learning environment which motivates teachers and learners, creates better content, creates revenue and better integrates with external environments and the job market
  • Use the learning environment in addition, or as an alternative, to existing learning management systems
  • Use software to create content, provide and track learning and motivate students and learners
  • Make contact with potential recruiters and gain revenue from that process
  • Better understand the job market
  • Integrate real content from commerce and industry in their courses

Helping employers


  • Improve their recruitment process, and their corporate performance, by creating a learning culture
  • Create and find motivated learners directly and more economically
  • Access a wide base of potential employees
  • Motivate their own workforce
  • Add value to their recruitment profile

Helping students


  • Understand what skills they need to meet the demands of the job market
  • Record and track their informal learning and use this record to find jobs
  • Find formal and informal learning materials and courses to improve skills
  • Make contact with companies who may be interested in training or recruiting them

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